Sowing Cucumbers and Squash

I had an 18 pot seed starting tray set thing-a-ma-gig that I bought a while ago, but have yet to actually use. So I am finally using it this year. Just for ease of lableing, I started 3 pots of 6 varieties. I wanted to start more, but then I remembered that I need to have a place in the garden for them to grow, and I am not sure I will have much more room outside for these big plants.

So here are the Squash/Cucumbers/Zucchini that I am growing this year:

Climbing Baby Butternut Squash

Days to Harvest: 110

These are small personal sized little butternuts that can be trained to grow up rather than out. I wanted to start these a little earlier than now, but the main goal is to let them get a few leaves on them before they go outside. Then I don’t have to wait for them to sprout outside… This should give me about a 3 week jump on growing, and my plants should be stronger because of this head start. I hope it works, because I REALLY want to grow a butternut. Last year, the aphids got them and they never really gotta a chance to set fruit.

Cucumber ‘Modern Early’

Days to Maturity: 45

These are a pickling variety, that apparently doesn’t take up much room in the garden. I just wanted a bit of a jump on the season so I can try and get a successional sowing in about a month.

Cucumber ‘Heirloom Lemon’

No Maturity date given on seed package

These are supposed to be vigorous and abundant plants, with vines growing from 3-5 feet. Apparently they are great fresh, or as pickles. I am keeping my fingers crossed these like the place I have chosen for them because I really want to taste these.

Zucchini ‘Bush Baby F1’

Days to Maturity: 49

McKenzie seeds says: “True miniature Zucchini”. I will grow these in containers (and possibly one in the ground to compare).

Squash ‘Sunburst Hybrid’

Days to Maturity: 52

These are the yellow scallop squashes. I grew them last year, but we didn’t get any successful fruit. The hail we get REALLY likes to destroy my zucchini and squash dreams so this year, I will be trying to get some sort of permanent hail protection going for the late spring/early summer when the worst of the storms hit.

Zucchini ‘Dark Green’

Days to Maturity: 52

Have I mentioned that I love Zucchini? I just wanted to try and get an earlier harvest, and a potential successional sowing a little later in the Spring.


If you have any ideas on (cheap/free) how I can protect my plants from the hail when I am at work and can’t run out and cover them with sheets and blankets? Once I come up with a plan, I’ll keep you updated on my hail protection.


(Just for my own future reference,  I started these on May 1)

One thought on “Sowing Cucumbers and Squash

  1. Looking forward to hearing how these do – all new varieties to me! I also hate hail – I think I am going to try my zucchini under my plastic tunnels with drip hoses for protection (more from powdery mildew than hail, but that would be an added bonus!

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