Cabbage & Cauliflower

Continuing on with the Brassicas I am planting this year, we have Cabbage and Cauliflower. I grew some of both last year, from garden centre starts, but made the mistake of not covering them. Lesson learned. They were little cabbage worm factories! Although the cabbages grew into really nice big heads, they were inundated with caterpillars. I won’t be making that mistake this year! I’ve already been sceaming ways to get more screening/netting to keep the pesky little bugs off my cabbages (and cauliflowers, and broccoli, brussels sprouts, kales, pak choi, and the list goes on and on)!

The Cauliflower that I am growing, or attempting to grow as the case may be, is called ‘Early Snowball’. I will have to remember to tie the outer leaves together while the head is forming to help blanch it and keep it white. Hopefully, I can successfully grow this from seed, otherwise, I may buy some plants from the garden centre again.

As for the Cabbage, both varieties that I started are small. One is ‘Earliana’ and the other is ‘Pixie F1’. Both produce heads that are early maturing, and small. My hope is that I will learn from growing these miniature cabbages and then attempt the bigger heads next year. I would like to get some purple cabbages because I personally like them better, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for some seed.

I sowed these seeds on March 25, along with some Catnip and Caraway. The herbs were just to fill up the tray, as I intended to plant them soon anyway. If all of these start out well, I may do a second sowing around May to get a later fall crop. I’ll keep you up to date… with my fingers crossed that it all works out well.


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