Cherry-type Tomatoes (2015)

So I finally narrowed down which cherry-type tomatoes I am going to grow this year…

I narrowed it down to six different varieties.

Four of them are heirloom, and two are hybrids. I thought I would write a quick post detailing which varieties I am growing this year, and I will keep you updated on their progress throughout the year. I sowed these on March 22nd.

‘Yellow Pear’ {Heirloom} – I grew these last year, and they were very prolific. I’ll be interested to see how they do in the backyard. (Indeterminate variety)

‘Chadwick’s Cherries’ {Heirloom} – These seeds are from Renee’s Garden and are described by them as “Vigorous vines offer clusters of large & luscious ruby-red cherries with full sweet flavour” (Indeterminate variety)

‘Tumbler F1 (Trailing)’ {Hybrid} – These are destined for my hanging baskets… which is what they were breed for.  McKenzie Seeds description reads: “Excellently suited for hanging baskets and containers, cascades of wonderfully sweet, 1″ cherry tomatoes tumble down over the edge. Also a great producer in the garden, this early ripening bush variety can produce up to 4.4lbs of fruit per plant. An exceptional and tasty tomato!” (Determinate variety)

‘Tiny Tim’ {Heirloom} – My mom and I used to always buy these as plants from the garden centre when I was growing up, so I was excited to find the seed. McKenzie’s describes them simply as “Extremely early scarlet red, miniature cherry tomato.” (Determinate variety)

‘Principe Borghese’ {Heirloom} – These are the traditional variety used for sun dried tomatoes. They are also great for sauces. I’m interested to see how they do here. Maybe I will have a dehydrator by harvest time, and I will try drying some of these. (Determinate variety)

‘Green Envy’ {Hybrid} – These were my favourite tasting tomato out of the 15 varieties I grew last year. They were so sweet and the taste was phenomenal. Originally, I wasn’t even going to try them, as I wanted to keep to heirlooms, but I am so glad I did. I’ve been raving about them, and I HAD to include them in my garden again this year. (Indeterminate variety)

I can hardly wait to try all the varieties and compare them to each other. I’ll keep you updated on their progress throughout the year.

Do you have varieties I should keep in mind for next year? Comment below.



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