Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts

I got the Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts sowed today (March 24th), and just wanted to do a quick post on which varieties I am attempting to grow this year. I’ll let you know how they are doing throughout the year.

  • Brussels Sprouts
    • ‘Catskill’
      • “Cabbage-like flavour abounds from numerous tender, small heads 1-2 inches across which mature in succession on strong stalks. Easy to pick. Low in calories”
  • Broccoli 
    • ‘Di Ciccio’
      • “A traditional Italian variety that produces a 7.6-10.2cm blue-green head with non-uniform, medium sized shoots to follow. Delicious in both spring and fall”
    • ‘Green Sprouting’
      • “Tasty and nutritious. Early and compact. Delicious steamed, cooked in stir-try and raw! Easy to grow and very prolific yields”
    • ‘Munchkin’
      • “A dwarf open pollinated Broccoli. The plant grows approximately 12 inches tall and produces big deep blue green heads. Cut the main head and you will likely harvest a good sized secondary head a little later.”

I hope my seed sowing attempts work out, and that I can get these Brassicas a home built before its time to put them out. I still have some cabbages and cauliflower to sow as soon as I get the hot peppers potted up and free up a seed tray.

I am really keeping my fingers crossed that we get a plot at the community garden and I can worry less about space. At this point, I am trying to grow a tiny bit of everything, rather than enough to keep us in vegetables all summer and fall. My garden dream is so much bigger than my tiny backyard.


11 thoughts on “Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts

  1. I’ve never grown brussels sprouts, though I love to eat them! I’m going to look into some seeds or see if my local garden center has any starters. Good luck to you and your garden!❀

  2. You know I never use the seed trays, because I’d rather not let my plants have to get “replanted” too many times. I put my tomatoes and peppers right into larger pots to start with so it’ll be right into the garden when the time is right.

    1. I use them because growing space is an issue, and I don’t want to waste the expensive seed compost on non germinating seeds… I only pot up the strong plants. It also helps control me from planting too many things.

    1. Is that a Broccoli? Last year was the first year I grew any, and they were a Romanesco type from the garden centre. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it… I would like to try Flagstaff Brussels at some point too… They are purple!

      1. Oooh! I have never grown brussel sprouts, maybe next year…yes, Packman is broccoli, I get it from Veseys in PEI or Halifax seed, but I haven’t really looked at any other seed companies. I am using up the seeds I have left from last year and so far the germination rate has been excellent – so it obviously lasts well!

      2. That’s awesome. I couldn’t decide which broccoli to grow out of the three varieties I had stashed, so I just tried them all. I’m excited to see how the Munchkin fairs.

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