Lettuce & Pak Choi

Along with my home-grown Italian Seasoning, I am attempting to grow actual heads of lettuce this year.

It is a little early, but I started a few cells of “Little Gem”, “Cos or Romaine”, and some “Mei Qing Choi” Pak Choi on March 20th. Around April 3rd, I will probably do another sowing, so I have a succession of them.

   “Little Gem” is a romaine type lettuce. I had some as cut-and-come-again last year, because I forgot to thin them out intime, and it was a nice soft lettuce, so I’m looking forward to attempting to have a head of it this time. 

As for the “Cos or Romaine” type lettuce, I hope to be able to make a ceaser salad from it, IF it works out.

I also have some “Tom Thumb” lettuce to sow in a few weeks, which may be my saving grace in this goal of growing a head of lettuce, since they grow about tennis ball sized according to the seed packet. I think something the size of a tennis ball will be more attainable than something the size of a small volleyball.. Or something that is roughly the same size as a head of “Little Gem” lettuce?”

 The Pak Choi is actually a Brassica, so I will need to protect it from the cabbage white butterflies before they decide to make it a nursery for their caterpillar children.

The current plan in my head is to move the Veg-Trug planter that my fiancée built me last year, to a more shaded area by the shed, and then keep the lettuces and maybe the “Pixie” Cabbage there. It just got too hot last year and I couldn’t keep up with the watering. But I’ll keep you up to date on the plans as they progress. We also have a patio to build this year, so our backyard will be changing a lot this summer. I hope to have in-ground raised beds all around, and move away from JUST containers.


3 thoughts on “Lettuce & Pak Choi

  1. Very light weight frost blankets or shade cloth work great over lettuces and boo choi to keep the shaded and to keep the bugs off!! It also lets you plant out a wee bit earlier if they are hardened off 🙂

    Good luck!!

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