New Seeds!


Its that time of year where gardeners start to get that urge to start planting. So we plan the garden for the year ahead while we wait for the snow to melt and the ground to warm up. Enter seed shopping…

While I love the mass varieties available through catalogues and online, I limit my seed buying to actual stores. This helps me control myself and my hoarding tendencies.

This means I only have 20 different tomato varieties instead of every kind I can get my hands on.

I try to limit my “new varieties” to 5 new ones a year…

10 would be more accurate.

And “try” would be the operative word.

Last week, I ventured to a few garden centres in the city on my day off. My main goal was to try to find some “Firestorm” Runner Bean and some Cucamelon seeds. Sutton Seeds sells them, and they are a UK company, so I’m not sure if we can even get them over here… They (Cucamelons) are also called Mexican Sour Gherkins, or Mouse Melons. {Does anyone know of a Canadian source for these?} My quest was fruitless on the Cucamelon (and Firestorm Runner Beans) front… But, I did end up finding the seed for Lacinato Kale, Lemon Cucumbers, Rocket, “Cobra” French Climbing Beans, Purple Vienna Kohl Rabbi, and a few others. I was glad I got a few more varieties on my wish list to try this year.


I also discovered a very awesome seed company called “Renee’s Garden.” Their packages are so beautiful and well designed. On the front, there are watercolours of the variety, and on the back, a write up and tons of info on what to do with the seed. There are photos and sometimes additional info, if you go onto their website. I have a few more packages to pick up once I get another paycheck.


Another new to me seed company is “Cornucopia”. I appreciate that they have great prices. It makes it more affordable to try out new varieties. However, after some quick reading of their about page, They are the sister company of Renee’s. They were also one of the first company to take the safe seed pledge.

Also, during my outing, I treated myself to a little greenhouse… and my seedlings are feeling very spoiled. I’ll work on a review and get that posted, so keep your eyes peeled for it.







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