Grow Your Own Italian Seasoning


I needed to start some seed… (You can tell, because I posted about the hot peppers I started a few days ago)

I needed to get some dirt under my fingernails…

I want it to be spring soon…

Not that we have had that much winter around here…  but I digress… Lets get to the Herbs I started a few days ago.

As you can probably tell from the title, I am attempting to grow my own Italian Seasoning… and I am going to try and grow it all from seed. But in all honesty, I will probably just buy some plants from the garden centre if these seedlings don’t pan out.

Oregano “Origanum vulgare hirtum” from Burpee

Rosemary “Rosmarinus officinalis” from Burpee

Sage “Salvia officinalis” from McKenzie

Thyme from McKenzie

Summer Savory from McKenzie

Sweet Marjoram “Origanum Marjorana” from Burpee

I still have a few more to start, but I will wait until a little closer to our projected last frost…

If you have some Herb tips for me, I would appreciate it… I can grow Parsley like a hot damn… and my Sage usually goes wild, but most of my other herbs are hit or miss.

AND… If you know where I can find some Chocolate Mint seeds… I would appreciate that tidbit of knowledge… I bought a plant last year and it was incredible. It was definitely the best smelling plant in the garden last year. I’d like to try growing it from seed myself.




8 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Italian Seasoning

  1. I cover my oregano with leaves in the fall – I bought 1 little plant 5 years ago and it is huge now!! As for chocolate mint – watch out! It spreads like a nasty, but wonderful smelling, disease! I have little runners poke up all throughout the garden form 1 plant 1 put in 6 years ago and dug up that fall…. I threw it in the woods thinking it would wither up and die, but nope, it is now a patch about 6 feet by 8 feet!!! I could always dig you out a root and send in the mail in the spring time if you don’t find seeds…if you dare! I have heard that you can plant mint in a pot in the ground and it will tame it somewhat but i have stuck to pots on my deck and then throwing the plants into the woods in the fall.

    1. I have the chocolate mint from last year in a terracotta pot… But ants moved into it, (I thought mint was supposed to repel them?!?) and I couldn’t keep up with the watering… Maybe it will come back if it is really that vigorous. Fingers crossed… It smelled so wonderful, I would like to keep it around (in a pot).

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