Sowing the Hot Peppers


This year, I decided to grow Cayenne and Jalapenos again. I had an awesome crop of them both last year, and I am excited to have some fresh peppers again this year.

I also wanted to give the Habanero a shot again this year. I did have one pepper off one plant last year, so I would like to try for more this year.

As for trying something new, I picked up some “Kung Pao Hybrid” Hot Pepper seed by Burpee.

Hopefully they all grow well and I can protect them from any hail storms we have this year.

I also have some Hungarian Hot Wax peppers that I may start later. I grew them last year, and intended to pickle some… but life was crazy. Maybe this year will be a do-over on the pickled pepper front.

Do you have any suggestions for hot peppers for me to try? So far on my list is Joe’s Long, Prairie Fire, and Hot Lemon. I just need to get my hands on the seed.

One last thing… after sowing the seed… don’t touch your eyes… even if you wash your hands 3 times… I am going to go ahead and blame the Habanero seed on my current watering eye.

So these were started on February 28… I’ll be trickling the tomatoes out soon.


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