Happy New Year!


2014 was a little rough for me. It involved a lot of scrambling to pick up the pieces the best that I could… twice. But it is when those times happen, that I am reminded about how many awesome people I have in my life.. and that are out in the world. And at the same time reminded to trust my gut on other (f*&$ing crazy) people.

No greenhouse is worth having all your hard work stolen and your horses lives threatened.


2014 started with my kitchen window only having a few pots with seeds tucked away inside…. and then I decided heirloom tomatoes were awesome and I had a greenhouse to use, so I ended up with over 15 different varieties of tomato… and all the other plants I started from seed. In 2015, this will be scaled back… slightly.

I grew things in 2014 that I had never grown before, and most of them were successful.


Corn: I didn’t mention this much in my early updates, because I honestly thought it was going to fail. And by the time it was amazing and successful, most of the things I was so excited about sharing with you all, were stolen from the garden, and it just became too much to post about.

I grew “Canadian Early Supersweet Hybrid.” I started the seeds in tall newspaper pots in my kitchen in late April, moved them to the greenhouse a few weeks later, and planted them outside in June. By August we had beautiful ears of corn. And they tasted amazing. No butter or salt required. Each plant produced 2-3 cobs, and I dried the few that weren’t quite developed. By the time the corn was ready, we were in a state of “grab it before it gets stolen.” So I wasn’t leaving anything to chance.


Brussels Sprouts: I BARELY got a taste of these. I harvested a small handful when they were first ready, thought they would be safe until Thanksgiving (early October here in Canada), went to the greenhouse to pick them for my family dinner, and the whole lot had been cut and taken. That was a low blow. If I can find some space in my backyard, I will attempt these again. The plants were from the garden center and I believe they were “Harley.”

Cabbage+Cauliflower – Also bought plants from the garden center. These were successful, but I underestimated the ferocity of the Cabbage white butterfly, and my Brassicas were all covered in caterpillars. I did end up with some huge heads of cabbage, but the caterpillars had already staked their claim. If I find room for these in the backyard, I will be sure to cover them with some mesh!

Most of my beans were fantastic this year, and I even spotted a hummingbird at my Scarlet Runner Beans… I want to grow more of these in the backyard this year, and put up a feeder, in the attempt of another hummer spotting.

My Leeks were new to me this year. They were fantastic too.Its a shame I had to harvest them so early, I am sure they would have been bigger and better if they had the extra month or so to grow and mature. Same with my Parsnips. I will try Leeks in 2015, but not parsnips again until I have a proper place for them.

All of the different Potatoes were amazing. We had a wonderful harvest of them. I am saving a few of each to use as my own seed potatoes for 2015 (which will ALL be in containers). The only one I had trouble with (again) both in the open ground and in my backyard containers was the Russian Blue. They always get scab. Can anyone give me some suggestions? All three attempts at these were in completely different conditions and soil types and they still all get scab.

Overall, It was a wonderful growing year, and I wish I could replicate it to learn from my mistakes. Maybe someday I will have my own greenhouse and own large garden and I won’t have to worry about crazy people taking my vegetables. Maybe in January I will finally write the follow up posts about all the varieties I grew.


I know this post is a little low on the photos, but when everything started getting stolen, I started just grabbing everything I could and taking it home with me… But I will share one important one to finish this post off… On Christmas morning, I got engaged!!! So maybe it is best that I wont have a huge garden this year, I will probably be much too busy planning a wedding…

Here is to an amazing 2015!  Happy Growing!!







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