How in the world is it almost Christmas?!?!?!

IMG_0885I had all these good intentions of sharing some Christmas tips and tricks with you, but here we are, 5 days until Christmas, and I’ve got nothing written. Maybe I will pre-write some Christmas stuff on my days off after Christmas, in preparation for next year? Don’t hold your breath on that one… Its been pretty busy around here.

A few weeks ago, I got sucked into the Pinterest vortex of beautiful Christmas home tours… And I am so jealous of all the beautiful things people have managed to do. I put a wreath up on my tree in the front yard, and one on my door.

I did cut down my own tree (and stuffed it INTO my car, and drove it all the way back to the city).  It is beautifully rustic and imperfect, and it fits in just wonderfully around here. Technically it is 3 trees and a bunch of other branched I shoved in between the trunks to fill it out. It beats a plastic tree made in China any day…


I managed to get some of my homemade gifts all packaged and prettied up. Not the long list of homemade things I had originally planned, but life has been crazy and hectic, and, well… you get what you get.

Now I just have a few things left to wrap, and a few edible gifts to make, and I will be all ready.

On the first day of Christmas, myself did give to me… a very secret (and hard to wrap) gardening gift.


In January, I will start sowing some seeds… so get ready for that… And some changes around here for the new year… It will be looking a little more fresh here soon.

I hope your Christmas preparations are getting along fantastic! Have a great rest of the year! Thank you all for reading.


That Christmas Cactus bloom above… Is the first one I have ever had on this plant. I took a cutting from my mom’s cactus when we first moved into this house (4 years ago). That plant was a cutting of a cutting of a cutting of my great grandma’s Christmas Cactus…. Which was probably a cutting of someone else’s cactus. This Christmas my little nursed along plant has finally decided to bloom. And it is kind of perfect.



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