Tomato Jam

One of my biggest goals for my tomato crop this year was to make some tomato jam. My friend Cal and I challenged each other to each make our own versions of Tomato Jam. Which will be a regular monthly feature of our new blog 2 Birds, 1 StoneIMG_9911.

I made the wonderful Orange Tomato and Smoked Paprika Jam from “Preserving by the Pint” the book by the wonderful author of the Blog (and book) Food in Jars.

I also made a completely different recipe all together that was much more smokey and sweet. Then I went to post the recipe I developed to make it, and I have lost it. It must have been a casualty of my mass kitchen cleaning and organizing spree a few days ago. I will post it as soon as I re-test it to make sure the amounts I think I remember, are actually the correct ones.

Cal made a Green Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Jam.

Between the two of us, I think we came up with a very broad range of recipes that can be easily adapted to fit your own tomato situation. Check them out in the links above.


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