Saving Seed – Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries


After a couple years of looking at the seed packet for these ground cherries and ultimately talking myself out of buying them, I finally took the plunge this spring. I started them in early March and planted them out in the Greenhouse. These things TOOK OVER. It was kind of amazing. Next year, I will give them much more space. They have a sprawling habit, but apparently do quite well if you steak them like heirloom tomatoes.

And the fruit is amazing! I am baking a pie with them as I type this.


Since I was so happy with these, I wanted to save some of the seed for next year.

Turns out, it is super easy.

I used the less appetizing ripe fruit. The ones who were a little wrinkly and I didn’t want to use in my pie.


You just squeeze the fruit so the seeds come out. Drop them into a little dish with some water in it. Use your finger to mash the fruit so the seeds come out. Good seeds will go to the bottom of the dish, and the rest will be easy to drain off, or pick out with your fingers.


Then you can put the drained seeds onto a plate to dry. I put some wax paper to help the seeds from sticking to the plate.


Once they are dry, I will put them into an envelope, and stash with the rest of my seed collection.


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