Greenhouse Garden Update (Inside) – July 19, 2014


I have so much growing out here that I have decided to split the update posts for the Greenhouse Garden into Inside and Outside things.

We have been harvesting these like crazy! The plants grew to about 7 feet, then flopped over from their weight (and the trellis only goes to 5 feet). After they fell, I was worried that they had broken, but they just grew back up… I’m sure if we take a plant after harvest and stretch it out, they would be about 9 or 10 feet tall.
All three varieties I planted inside the greenhouse have been doing fantastic. ‘Wando’ and ‘Sugar Snap’ are both nearing their end, and we have got a great harvest from both varieties. ‘Laxton’s Progress’ is working on full pods right now, but I have been using them as baby snow-peas in stir fries and they have been fantastic.

Jalapeño Peppers

I have been harvesting quite a lot of these. Probably about 15 thus far from 2 plants…. With MANY more on the way.

Cayenne Peppers

These are absolutely covered in peppers. I can’t wait til they are ripe. I have loads of homemade Cayenne Pepper in my future!


Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

It has peppers! (but I forgot to take their picture)

Ground Cherries

These are amazing. We finally got to taste them, and the reaction was “OMG, where have these been all my life?” If I wasn’t scouring the ground beneath them enough before I tasted them, I sure am now.


Purple Tomatillo

Just flowers, but I’m sure there will be fruit by the next update.


Both varieties are flowering now. If you can share any pollinating advice with me, I would be grateful, because I honestly have no clue what I’m doing with these.



These are all doing fantastic. I have been harvesting and drying them like a maniac. I will have enough dried parsley to last until I die.


Pickling Onions
I better find a good recipe soon, because these are almost ready

Atlas Carrots
Harvested these last week because they were starting to bolt. They were delicious but I am sure the outside ones will be better with less heat.

Summer squashes
(Dark green Zucchini, ‘Gold Rush’ Zucchini, ‘Sunburst’ pattypan Squash, and ‘white Scallop’ squash)

I have a few zucchini pollinated, and growing. I’m waiting on female flowers for the ‘sunburst’, and the other two varieties are putting on good growth. Incase I haven’t mentioned it yet, these are in the greenhouse because last year, hail decimated my Xucchini dreams and I never got my fruit from my plants. These ones are safe from the hail.


Pickling Cucumbers
These are growing like weeds now! Fingers crossed I will have my own pickles from my own cucumbers this year!


Flowers! I have to do some more research on pollinating these, but I am excited for the possibility of my own cantaloupe!



This is starting to climb and grow. Hopefully I can have one watermelon to show for all my efforts.

I have mostly been focusing on trying to grow a larger turnip than ‘Goliath’ last year. We have 4 contenders left.

Sweet Potatoes
These are growing so I hope they are growing below the soil as well. If we can get even little fingerling sweet potatoes, I will be a happy camper.

And last, but most certainly not least

This is my tomato jungle. They are almost all taller than me. And I ALMOST have ripe tomatoes. ‘Golden Cherry’ is looking like it will be the winner of the first tomato of the year award. Followed by the mystery ‘rainbow blend’ plants. They could be anyone of 8 kinds, so hopefully I have a good mix of seeds from each.
Next update will probably just be pictures of all my ripe tomatoes!
Number one lesson learned from these this year… Get bigger and stronger and taller steaks for them next year. I will be scouring the 75% off lumber areas in the fall for something just right.










In the next few days I will have the Update on all the outside things here. There is SOOOOOO much to share! It is an exciting time out in the garden right now.


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