Squash – Varieties I’m Growing in 2014

Since I’m on a roll with these “Varieties” posts, I thought I would add a few more in. This post will include both summer and winter squash that I am growing/attempting to grow this year. I will try and do a dedicated squash update later in the year,but until then, you can follow along in my regular Greenhouse Garden Updates.

Let’s start with the summer squash,  and one of my most favorite vegetables of all:

Zucchini – ‘Dark Green’

“A most popular and versatile squash. Very easy to grow. Cylindrical fruit 6-7″ in length with creamy white flesh that is firm and flavorful. Prefers rich and well-drained soil. Generous watering is required if the weather is dry. Terrific for baking nutritious cakes, breads or muffins. Great raw and sauteed. Flowers are edible.”



Zucchini – ‘Gold Rush’

“This golden yellow, straight and smooth fruit grows 7-8″ in length with a wonderful tender creamy-white flesh. High yielding and delicious, this zucchini is tasty in salads, breads, baked or stir-fried. To obtain the best harvest possible, pick fruits young.”



White Scallop

“A beautiful shaped white scallop squash. Creamy texture with a very flavorful taste. Also known as Patty Pan. Used in a variety of recipes and can be fried or stuffed. Bush and compact growth making it ideal for small gardens.”



Sunburst (Hybrid)

“Summer scallop squash is fast growing, producing an abundance of young, tender 1-3″ fruits, summer through fall. Unique bright yellow with a dark sunburst pattern at both ends. Interior flesh is creamy white and tender with an extremely tasty mild and buttery flavor. Compact bush type plants allow for easy picking. Generous watering is required if the weather is dry.”


Onto the winter squash now:


Buttenut Squash

“Creamy brown rind with orange-yellow flesh make this bottle-shaped squash a favorite. Fruit is 5 x 12″ in size. Soil should be rich and well drained. Requires generous watering in dry weather. Be careful of frost, light ones are okay, but hard frosts reduce its keeping quality. Resistant to the squash bug.”


Small Sugar Pumpkin

“The piemaker’s favorite. Sweet flavor with thick, meaty flesh. Small seed cavity enclosed in orange, fine-textured flesh. From late summer on, remove any blossoms or new fruit to enhance growth on fruit that is already formed. Harvest when fully mature. Allow to stand in garden a few days until skin hardens, then store in a cool, dry place. Freezes very well. Used as decorative center pieces.”


Ez Gro Monster Pumpkin

Follow in my “Giant Pumpkin” updates.


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