Beets – Varieties I’m Growing in 2014

Continuing on with my recent trend of documenting all the varieties I’m growing this year, today, I bring you Beets! These were all sown on June 11th, and I may put in a few more by the end of June. It all depends on space. There is a few more areas of the garden that need to be dug, and if I don’t fill them with other things, there will be some beets going into the dirt.

Golden Detroit
“Sweet and tender round, orange roots with golden flesh. Stays gold yellow when cooked and does not bleed. Tops are deep glossy green. Roots grow fast, but retain their sweet flavor even when quite large. Excellent for pickles. Rich, well drained soil is best.”


Cylindra Formanova
“Unique long carrot-like dark red roots give more uniform slices than round varieties. The tops are excellent greens for salads. Beets may be slow sprouters, but once up they produce a great crop. Use fresh, diced, canned, pickled or frozen. Plant near beans, cabbage, lettuce or kohl rabi.”


“Beautiful, sweet flavored roots with concentric red and white alternating rings.”


Detroit Dark Red
“The perfect all purpose variety. Medium early variety. Dark red round roots that are sweet, tender and fine-grained throughout. Tops are great for salads too! Ideal for use fresh, canned, pickled and frozen. Plant with beans, cabbage, lettuce and kohl rabi, but away from pole beans.”


And because it is in the same family, and their seeds are nearly identical:

Swiss chard “Bright Lights”
“A brilliant rainbow of color! Plant stems are multi-colored, offering a milder chard flavor as well as a valued ornamental plant.”



If you are interested and want to catch up on the other vegetable varieties I am growing, Here is the links to Peas, Beans, and Potatoes.



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