Greenhouse Garden Update – June 13, 2014

It has been a busy couple weeks since the last update! I would have had this up sooner, but I was having trouble getting my pictures to upload properly, but it is finally here!

Brandywine Tomato

Let’s start Inside:

As of Monday, ALL the tomatoes are in their final growing spots. I delivered 5 plants to my Mom on the weekend. She will be growing “Golden Cherry,” “Red Brandywine,” “Box Car Willie,” Marglobe” and “Bonny Best”. Hopefully they work out great for her. After I got home from visiting my parents, I put the final tomatoes into the ground in the greenhouse. Now all they need is plant markers so it is easier to distinguish which variety they are. In case you are curious, there are nearly 40 tomato plants in the greenhouse! Some of which already have flowers. I’m sure by the time I get the next update up, some will have set fruit.



These are all at various stages of growth. The Cayenne and Jalapeno that I have been updating you on since I started their seeds in February, all have flowers. The Hungarian Wax hot pepper is also setting some flowers. The Medusa peppers, are small, but since they are a dwarf variety (and I started them much later) I wont hold it against them. They still have lots of time. If you are curious, the Habanero is still living life in my window sill, and will probably remain in my backyard.

Cal also started some Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers, and now we just need to find them a home in the very full greenhouse. They are still tiny, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they catch up.

Tomato row, with tiny ‘Medusa’ Pepper at the bottom of the photo


These are growing well. I’m not sure what I’m doing with them, so they will be a large learning curve for me. I also found out that some grow thorns on their leaves:

Spiky Eggplant Leaf


These have fruit! And a lot more flowers too! I’m so happy with them. Now hopefully they continue to set fruit and we end up with enough to make some sort of preserves with them.

‘Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry’


This is a little behind everything else, but I remain hopeful that I get some purple tomatillos.


These are doing amazing. The first set from April (‘Wando’ and ‘Sugar Snap’) are nearly 5 feet tall. I would expect there will be flowers soon; Then we’ll just need to get some pollinators into the greenhouse. The second set (‘Laxtons Progress’) are also starting to put on a ton of growth. The plan is to keep all their foliage after they are done growing, and then work it into the soil in the greenhouse, so we get more organic matter in the soil there. Basically the same idea as doing a cover crop.  The Nasturtiums I planted at the end of the two pea trellises are doing fantastic:



This is doing great. I already harvested (and dried) some of the Parsley that was growing. I have some mint drying as I type this as well.




These are putting on a lot of growth as well, and I’m hoping the tomato cage around them helps them to grow upwards instead of out. I plan to have more outside, but these are my hail-contingency plan.


There are ‘Sweet & Early’ Cantaloupe and ‘Crimson Sugar’ Watermelon here. They seem to be settling in now, and hopefully we will get some fruit.

‘Crimson Sugar’ Watermelon


We ended up sowing the entire seed packet, and in hindsight, we really didn’t need to. I expected a much lower germination rate, since they were old seeds. After these put on more growth, I’ll thin them out, so there will be less competition between them all.



I’m trying again this year. I’ve been a little tight lipped about it, after last years failure to even get them into some dirt. But now the slips are in dirt officially, and now we just wait and see if they produce some potatoes.


I’ll keep the Birdhouse Gourds in their own update… which will happen soon. The Turnips are putting on some growth. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they start to bulb up before trying to bolt. Which is what happened with the radishes. There were a few edible bulbs, but the rest used the energy to try and flower. So they are in the compost pile. I also harvested all the Spinach. It was starting to bolt too. Hopefully the carrots, Kohlrabi and Pickling onions can stay where they are, and make some edible vegetables instead of seeds.



OUTSIDE is where most of the action has been happening. As you know, ALL the potatoes are finally in the ground. The Garlic, Shallots and Onions are all doing well. The red onions have finally gone in, as well as another mixed row of all three (Spanish, White and Red).  Some of the the Shallots are going to seed. I thought about pulling the ones that are right now, or snapping off the seed head, but then I decided to just let them flower if they really want to. I’m sure the bees will love them, and I wouldn’t mind too much either. Allium flowers are very cool.


On June 3rd, I put in the Leeks and some Parsnips. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I have never grown either and just planted according to all the YouTube allotment gardening shows that I watch.


On June 4th, All the Bush Beans went into the ground. Two rows of ‘Contender’; One of ‘Amethyst Purple Stringless Fillet’; One row of ‘Tendergreen Improved’; Two rows of ‘Greencrop’; and then one and a half of ‘ Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco’. The last half row is finished off with more ‘Tendergreen Improved’

On Saturday, June 7th, Cal put in a lot of work and dug the whole area where the carrots are going, and part of the next section. Together we constructed a Pea trellis of sticks and chicken wire. We sowed the peas: ‘Sugar Sprint’, ‘Mr. Big’, ‘Lincoln Homesteader’, ‘Sugar Snap’ and a mixed area of ‘Wando’ and ‘Laxton’s Progress’. We will do a succession planting of the first 3 in a couple weeks. The later three I mentioned are also planted inside the greenhouse, so hopefully we will have a fantastic pea crop this year. Later that afternoon, I planted the carrots (and a tiny flower area at the end of the row, just because). We have a row of ‘Red Cored Chantenay’; one of ‘Purple Haze’; one of ‘Scarlet Nantes’ (seed tape); one of ‘Kaleidoscope Mix’; and one of ‘Little Finger’. Then I slipped in two mini rows of ‘Atlas’ and a mini row of ‘Viking’ Spinach.

On June 10th, I finished digging the summer squash area. Pinto Beans (Pole-type) are also planted in this section. Summer Squash I sowed include: Dark Green Zucchini, Gold Rush Zucchini, ‘Sunburst’ Squash (Pattypan), and White Scallop.  I also tucked in a little row of ‘Watermelon’ Radish.

June 11th, I dug and planted the Beet area. There is a row of ‘Bright Lights’ Swiss Chard; then one row of each: ‘Detroit Dark Red’, ‘Cylindra Formanova’, ‘Golden Detroit’, and ‘Chioggia’.

June 12th, I finished the turnip bed. It has one row of ‘Early White Vienna’ Kohl Rabi, two rows of ‘American Purple Top’ Rutabaga, and two rows of ‘Purple Top White Globe’ Turnips.

Needless to say it is starting to really take shape. There is just a little more weed-covered area to take out (even less now, than in the picture below)



The Corn is doing surprisingly well, and has surpassed ANY expectation I had… Imagine how happy I will be if I get a harvest from it! The variety is: ‘Canadian Early Supersweet Hybrid’. I am loving not having to worry about weeding around it, even though planting it with the landscape fabric was very fiddly and fussy.



The Broad Beans are flowering!!!!!!!! And as you can see, the Ants love hanging out on them too. Their variety is ‘Windsor’.


And the Scarlet Runner Beans, and Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole Beans have finally broken through the surface! There are two rows of radish in between the bean poles as well.   Also, I picked up a couple other pole/runner bean seeds, so I will have to find some more room somewhere to stick them in the ground. This may be the year of Beans.



Well, that is all for now. Here is the link to the previous update. I will try and update again sooner, especially now that everything is flying along. I hope your garden is growing well too! Thanks for all the follows, likes and comments, It means so much to me!



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