Rhubarb Harvesting

This year, I have some lofty rhubarb dreams. I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to try out all the ideas I have floating around in my head (and on my Pinterest feed), since my backyard rhubarb doesn’t produce a ton. But then I went home to visit my parents this weekend and all hope has been restored. I mean, like check this mammoth out!


It is about as tall as I am (5’6″) and I can hardly get my hand around some of the stalks. This isn’t even the only planting either! I had 5 others to harvest from, although they are not as gigantic.


I will have to find the scale later and update you on the weight of this harvest, but I think it is safe to say that I will be able to make all my rhubarb dreams come true this year.

Just a final thought: I only really intend to use the smaller stalks, the large one in the photo above broke off while I was digging around in the plant, so we cleared it out. Also, while I was digging around for rhubarb, look what I spotted:


Because I will have to wait until I get back to my own house to freeze or otherwise preserve this harvest, I did some googling to find the best method of prolonging the rhubarbs freshness. If you leave 1-2 inches of the leaf on the stalk, it helps keep it from wilting so much. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it works out!




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