Its Official! All the Potatoes are FINALLY Planted

I’m going to do this quick post in the order that all 10 + varieties are planted.


I planted the very first row on May 12. Which coincidentally was also the day of my first sunburn of the year. They were just all a random assortment saved from last year. I hilled them up on May 26, and they are just starting to poke through again. Once more and I think we will be golden for this row.

Next up is Russian Blue. They were planted on May 26. I suspect they will begin poking through the surface any day now.

Yukon Gold also went into the ground on May 26, and should also make an appearance any day now.

The next row went in on May 31. It is divided in half, with Purple Caribe at the bottom, and German Butterball at the top of the row.

Today, June 3, we got the remaining 6 varieties planted. In this group, there are only 4 seed potatoes of each kind, so there are 3 varieties per row.
First row (Top to Bottom): Alaska Sweetheart; Banana; Candy Cane
Second row (top to bottom): Lindzer Delikatess; Pink Fir Apple; French Fingerling.

So we have a total of 5 rows of potatoes. I will update again when there is more interesting things happening. Have you grown any of these varieties? Do you have any suggestions for us? Put them in the comments below.


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