Greenhouse Update – May 27, 2014


A few weeks ago, Cal commented that the greenhouse looked like one of those old haunted, abandoned houses, where all the furniture is covered in sheets… Since all the plants were tucked in under frost blankets. I am happy to announce, that it no longer looks that way. {Although the frost protection will stay close at hand in the event Mother Nature decides to remind us that this still is Alberta}. You may think I am crazy covering things in the greenhouse, but there are a few broken windows, and I would rather be safe than sorry.


I am happy to report that almost all the tomatoes finally have a place in the ground! I wanted to report that to you a few weeks ago, but I just didn’t get around to getting them planted until yesterday. They are not as organized as I would have hoped, but we should end up with a ton of different kinds of tomatoes. The few plants that are still in pots, are going to other people. AND a few of the plants have some flowers starting to form!!!



The peppers are doing great! One of the cayenne plants that I started back in February, has a flower on it already! I still havn’t decided where they are all going to live just yet, so that will have to wait for the next update. I’m leaning towards half of them in my backyard, half in the greenhouse. There are 2 cayenne and 2 jalapeno plants out there already, but the other varieties ‘Medusa’, ‘Hungarian Wax’ an ‘Habenaro’ are still at home in the windowsill. Although since Habenaros take so long, I will probably just keep it in a pot at home so I can bring it in the house.



I planted 4 of the plants in the greenhouse, and there are already some little flowers! I am very excited to taste these, and then make jam if I get enough of them.


Both are doing very well. There are 2 of each (‘Ping Tung Long’ and ‘Violetta di Napoli’)planted in the greenhouse, and I will keep the others at home. I was thinking they would grow more like peppers, with a strong central stem, but they are more floppy than a tomato. It will be interesting to see how they grow, and if I even get any eggplants.


The first set of peas I sowed on April 12 (‘Wando’ and ‘Sugar Snap’) are putting on tons of growth. They are nearly a foot tall already.

The second set of peas (‘Laxton’s Progress’) are all sprouted, and I would imagine they will catch up in no-time to the others.


Yep! I’m growing cantaloupes! I sooooooo hope they grow well. They are starting to get some true leaves happening, so keep your fingers crossed for us. Only one of the plants didn’t survive the transplant.  I also have 2 watermelon plants that will go in this row too.


These are all doing well. I would guess that the radishes will be harvested soon, since they are putting on fantastic growth, and the Spinach will probably be raided for leaves in the next week. The rest are plugging along.


This is doing great, the Spearmint is finally putting some growth on… Only one of the catnip plants made it through the transplant shock, but I’m sure that will be enough to get my cats some of their favorite thing in the whole world.


After my hail disaster last year, I needed to have a safe place for my zucchini… and also the Sunburst (Pattypan) Squash I am so excited about. Since there is still room here, I will probably put in a yellow zucchini, just to keep every summer squash recipe dream I have, safe from any hail we get this year.



The Pickling Cucumbers were sown, this evening, direct where they will be growing… So the majority of things for the greenhouse will be in there, and I can just worry about keeping the weeds at bay, while I watch everything grow.

That is everything that is inside right now, Outside is a little less exciting, as I am doing battle with all the crab grass and thistles and dandelions, and other annual weeds… and I am not winning. I desperately need reinforcements or more time to tackle this giant project.


BROAD BEANS(‘Windsor’)

These are still a little spindly, since I didn’t get them in the ground as soon as I wanted to, but they seem to be recovering from any transplant shock they had. Hopefully we get some beans from them soon. I picked up another set of seeds just in-case.


This area is doing quite well. I am thinking of putting some carrots between the rows, I will let you know if I do. There is still red onions that need to go in the ground… hopefully this will happen tomorrow.


The row of random left overs from last year is doing quite well, I just need to hill them up. Yukon Gold, Russian Blue, German Butterball and Purple Caribe will be in the ground soon… Fingers crossed that it will happen tomorrow. The rest will be going in the ground in the next 2 weeks.


Not planted yet, there are a few nights that are supossed to get cold later this week, so I will hold off a little longer.


Not planted out yet, but I am getting their area nice and ready for them. While I was moving the giant pumpkin seedlings out to the greenhouse on May 22, someone cut me off, and one of the plants flipped over on itself, nearly breaking the stem. It is looking like its recovering, but I’m still nervous that I’ll only have one Giant pumpkin plant to go in the ground.  There will also be some ‘Small Sugar’ Pumpkins, but the Butternut Squash seeds haven’t been cooperating, and just don’t want to spring to life. It may be too late in the year now to try for more Butternut seedlings, since they take 85-100 days. I will try, but I won’t hold my breath for them.


That is about all going on outside right now. I’ll dig the bean area and get them planted this week, as well as a lot of carrots, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, and all the other things I have to grow. After this big push, we can really go to war with the weeds, and then hopefully have an awesome harvest in the fall.


Previous Greenhouse Updates: May 18, May 4, April 20


My puppy and my ponies…. It has only taken me 3 years to have them in the same general area!




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