Climbing Flowers for 2014

On the 19th of May, I sowed some of the climbing flowers that will be adorning my shed this summer. Or at least I hope they will be, my fingers are crossed that they appear soon.

Sweet Peas – These are beautiful and simple. When I was a little girl, one year I decided I wanted to put flowers all along the fence by my bedroom window. My mom, knowing a little something about direction (it was facing NE), and the sun (shaded by the neighbors house), knew that not a whole lot would grow there… especially since it was also a favorite outdoor litter box of our cat Sarah. But she let me plant sweet peas. And some did come up! They may not have been the beautiful specimens on the seed package, but I put them in the ground, and they grew. Needless to say, since they were the first seed I ever planted, and they grew despite the less than ideal conditions, I have a soft spot for sweet peas.

In my nostalgia, I picked out 3 different packs of sweet peas.

The first, is ‘Spencer Giant Mixture’ which is described as “A beautiful mixture of sweetly scented flowers, widely used for flower arrangements and garden decorations.”

My next pick was ‘Royal Family Mix’, described as “Long sturdy stems are loaded with huge, tissue-like, ruffled and fragrant flowers. Long lasting blooms in a colorful range of purples, pinks, reds, and white are ideal for trellises.” However, I did forget to add this packet into the picture with the other two.

And last, but not least (because I think it is my favorite), is ‘Ocean Foam’, which they describe as: “This extraordinary wave of beautiful colors in ocean-like shades of blue and cream is a wonderful choice to add a soft peaceful warmth to your garden. From the heirloom Old Spice series, these exquisitely scented sweet peas will delight all summer long.” Does that not sound amazing? I can’t wait!

To mix it up a little, I also picked up some ‘Heavenly Blue’ Morning Glory seed. This is one of the things I have yet to grow successfully, so I thought I would give it another shot. BUT until now, I have not had a proper place for them. Fingers crossed that they will grow beautifully this year.


Have you heard of Moonflowers? Apparently they produce huge white blossoms that can get up to six inches across! The flowers open in the evening, and then close the next morning. I can’t wait to see these, I think they will be beautiful. Apparently they can be grown in part sun as well, so I may try to get some to grow up the tree in the front.

There will also be a couple of Scarlet Runner Beans as well, so I should get some beans to eat, and lots of beautiful flowers to admire and smell. Hopefully the bees and butterflies, and other beneficial insects will move in.




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