Backyard Update – May 20, 2014

I intended to work mostly out at the greenhouse on May 12, but instead, I ended up working all morning in the backyard. (I also intended to get this update posted a lot sooner than now, but my amazing boss bought us VIP tickets to go and see Cavalia so I was a tenny bit distracted by that)

I stapled some chicken wire up on the shed for some sweet peas and Scarlet Runner Beans. I intended to do this last spring, and then I tore my shoulder, and any heavy work ended up being pushed aside. I can’t wait to see the shed covered in beautiful flowers (and delicious beans) later in the summer.

The rhubarb is doing amazing. I would guess we can have a harvest in a few short weeks.


Chives are doing great as well. I am waiting a little longer to put in the other seedling chives and other alliums in until its a little warmer at night.


You can almost see the Delphiniums growing in front of your eyes. They may end up being moved when we re-do the patio area of the yard… But I hope not. They are very happy where they are.


I planted my container potatoes that day as well. I just mixed a bunch of them up, so when I harvest them, it will all be a surprise. Hopefully there will be no hail like last year.


I made a little flower bed around the huge poplar tree in the front yard with rocks we had near the tree. I will wait to put my little flower seedlings out until its warmer at night. I am trying to keep just flowers in there, but I may sneak in some Swiss Chard or Dwarf Kale out there too. I did pick up a pack of Iris bulbs, and stuck them in, so with any luck, they will start showing through anytime now.


My amazing boyfriend made me a gorgeous Veg-trug style planter, and I can’t wait to fill it with dirt and plant some seeds! Next up, I am trying to get him to build a window box for our bedroom window.

My Lupin self-seeded its self all over my flower bed, and I’m still debating weather I want to let some of them stay where they are, or clear them all out. I have the lupins I started from seed to go in still too, and I think I will keep them all together to get a more colorful show.


The lilies are also starting to poke through. Which makes trying to get all the grass out of the bed a nightmare. There have been a few lily casualties, but hopefully nothing they can’t recover from.

I planted out some of the lemon balm and spearmint by the shed area also. I’m looking forward to all the drinks and summery dishes I can add them to.


We are over-hauling our garage at the moment too. I will have shelves to keep all my pots and gardening things in there, and Boyfriend’s tools can be all organized. It will be a much more creativity-friendly place soon, rather than a covered area where we throw everything we don’t want in the house. I’ll share some pictures of the project soon.

Previous Update: April 26


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