Greenhouse Update – May 18, 2014

There is a lot going on over at the greenhouse these days. It is hard to keep up with everything, so here are some ramblings about the majority of things growing out there.

Kohlrabi seedlings

Outside, I have planted a row of potatoes. They are left overs from last years potato crop that I saved to use as seed potatoes. I’ll update you again once they start to show through the dirt.
Also outside, is a row of red hardneck garlic, and “french gourmet” shallots… Both of which I started early in newspaper pots so they could stand a better chance against all the birds. Then I added in a mixed row of White and Spanish Onions. (Sorry about the picture, its hard to realize there is hay shoved in your phone case when its sunny out and your horses are harassing you for their dinner… I’ll get a better one for the next update)


I also planted out the broad beans I started back on April 10. They need some support right now, so I made a little trellis with sticks and baler twine. They should perk up more soon, now that they can spread their roots and get proper sun light. I am pretty excited for them. Here is an over head shot of them in their baler twine trellis.


Inside, the herb garden is doing great and putting on new growth. I will have a few additions to it soon, as soon as space (and over night temperatures) allows.


The radishes are starting to turn into little radishes. The turnips will turn into little turnips soon. The kohlrabi will turn into little kohlrabi soon. The ‘Atlas’ carrots are a little slower in their growth, but are coming along. The Spinach is putting true leaves on, and we should be able to harvest some baby spinach leaves by the end of the month.

Radishes (before weeding happened)

The ‘Sugar Snap’ and ‘Wando’ peas I sowed on April 12 Are growing nicely. As are the climbing nasturtiums I sowed at the end of this pea row at the same time. To keep up with succession planting (so we don’t end up with one large harvest), I sowed some ‘Laxtons Progress’ peas on May 7th,  and they are just starting to poke through the surface now. I slipped a few more climbing nasturtiums in here also.

‘Wando’ Peas and Climbing Nasturtiums

At the front of the greenhouse I put in some of my Cayenne and Jalapeño pepper plants, and one of each eggplant I started. It will be interesting to compare these with the ones I will be keeping in my backyard. We also added in some of the Ground Cherries here. One plant has tiny flowers starting already.

‘Jalapeno’ Peppers and ‘Violetta di Napoli’ Eggplant on the end
‘Cayenne’ Pepper and ‘Ping Tung Long’ Eggplant on the end of the trellis

Last night, in a big gardening push (we finally got around to weeding the entire greenhouse), we planted the little cantaloupe seedlings. Fingers crossed the transplanting wasn’t too hard on them, and they come through it just fine, and make a few lovely cantaloupe.

Before I run away, here is a quick look at how the Birdhouse Gourds are doing… I’ll give them their own update after a little more growth.


Next on the To-Do list is to plant some more of the tomatoes, and get some pickling cucumbers growing. And tackle the entire outside garden and plant ALL the potatoes. But we’ll get to that when the time comes.

Tomatoes and Peppers still tucked away in frost protection. They can be planted out soon hopefully.


Previous Greenhouse Updates: May 4 and April 20

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