Greenhouse Update – April 20/2014

Our Spring weather has been sticking around this time. Most of the snow has melted and the weather forecast looks promising for an early-ish Spring. I won’t hold my breath that we won’t see snow again, but for now I am excited for this reprieve from the white stuff. (Just a quick note, as I was writing the draft of this post, it started hailing outside, which then turned to snow… Mother Nature thinks she is funny)

Despite the on and off again snow, and bi-polar weather from Mother Nature, we are using our spring fever to get the Greenhouse all ready and prepped.


We started our big push of the season, on April 9, by digging compost into the dirt. We are trying to work on developing our soil… This should pay off when we have a bounty of tomatoes to harvest later in summer and fall, and in the coming years.


On April 13, because I couldn’t handle it any longer, I planted some peas (‘Wando’ and ‘Sugar Snap’), some ‘Atlas’ Carrots and some ‘Scarlet Globe’ Radishes. The radishes should be ready by this time in May, so that should give us another little push to keep planting and growing things.

On April 15, I added some small areas of Turnips, Kohl-rabi, Spinach, and Silverskin Pickling Onions. Partly because of spring fever, partly because I wanted to stick more seeds in the dirt, but mostly because I want some early harvests to keep us inspired.

Between the rows of “trellis”, we have dug  trenches under where the board paths go. Into the trench goes a muck tub worth of llama poo and some leaves, and then everything gets covered with dirt and watered well. I am hoping that this adds some organic matter to our soil that the plants can use now, and that we can mix throughout the greenhouse come fall.


Throughout the week leading up to today (April 20) I have been doing small bursts of digging in organic matter and just keeping the soil watered, light and airy. It is much less daunting of a task when you are taking tiny bites out of it here and there. Once I had the majority of the tomato area ready for planting, I bit the bullet and planted out the earliest sown tomatoes. They are happy and thriving in their new home already. Hopefully our little measures of keeping the plants safe and warm though the chilly nights continues to work, and if so, the next round of tomatoes will be joining them. I will hold off on putting the peppers and eggplants out until it is actually warmer at night.


Today, we finished putting the llama poo trenches and board paths in, moved some of the tables and other accessories around to where they will live for the year, and broke up the last area of packed dirt. Now we just need to work in one last load of compost into this last area, finish our little rock path, and everything will be completely ready for planting… In the Greenhouse anyway.


Well, that is the greenhouse as of today. Just a few finishing touches before actual planting can commence… AND then work on the outdoor garden at the greenhouse begins in earnest. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have had muddy hands most days I have been working out there and haven’t wanted to touch my camera or my phone with them.

Two things I forgot to mention: The little herb garden we put in at the front of the greenhouse, and the rock path we are putting in. The rock path serves 2 purposes; to retain heat at night (thermal mass); and to help keep us from walking all over mud. We are just putting the rocks on top of the dirt, so we are able to move it easily if required.






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