Quick Garden Update – April 18/2014

I know it’s been a while since I last updated you on the progress of all the growing things around here… It’s been a stressful few weeks, but everything is getting back to normal life again. Normal, but also a little better than normal, because I get to hug my ponies every single day again… Something I haven’t been able to do in nearly 6 years!

Just quickly, the herbs and flowers are all chugging along. The lavender still amazes me… All you have to do is brush it with your fingers and the calming lavender scent is released into the air. Lemon Balm – Awesome, I love it. I love it so much I am contemplating  just filling the whole place with Lemon Balm and scrapping all the other things. Last weekend I moved a few of the herbs out to the Greenhouse:


The group I started in February are desperate for more room, and have quickly out grown their little corner of the windowsill… Hoping I have them moved out to the greenhouse tomorrow… And that the greenhouse, a mini hot-house, and some fleece/frost blankets do the trick in keeping them alive.

All the others are in various stages of potting up, and becoming despirate for space too… Fingers crossed the weather warms up unseasonably early!



I am very excited about all the peppers we will be growing this year (Jalapeno, Cayenne, Hungarian Hot Wax, and Medusa). They are all making decent progress too. The Medusa peppers just sprouted a few days ago, and the Hungarian Wax are just working on their true leaves right now, but the Cayenne and Jalapeno are doing very very well. I also splurged on some Habanero seeds last week, so those are just getting started and are a little behind the boat, but we’ll see what comes of them.



REALLY need to get them potted up asap. There is basically no way to distinguish between the 2 varieties right now, other than the little picks I have to mark them. They are also both about the same size now.

Ground Cherries

I am so very excited for these! They are very cute little seedlings if I do say so myself.



These are looking sad lately. I may have moved them too far from some decent light, they are too shaded from my tomatoes, OR I over watered, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them, and will probably move them out to the greenhouse soon so they can get light again.


I just sowed a bunch of these, so keep your eyes out for a post about them. It only took 3 days for them to all sprout, so I need to find them some room to live where there is enough light

 Broad Beans

I sowed these in some newspaper pots, to try and get a jump on spring… They are just sprouting now, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have never grown them… or ever knowingly tasted them for that matter… BUT I’m still excited.




I have also sown a few things inside the greenhouse, but I’ll talk about that in a greenhouse update soon… when there is (hopefully) something to show for my early seed sowing.

March 30 Update


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