Baby Lupins


I started some Lupins from seed back on March 23… I didn’t have high hopes for them, since it took 2 weeks for the first one to make an appearance… And some still haven’t even sprouted… But the first few all have tiny little true leaves. True leaves that may be some of the most adorable baby true-leaves in my entire window garden area.
I really hope I have a variety of colours, since the Lupin I already have is Red. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some purple and pink.


(Side note: I swear I’ll have a garden update for you soon… Every time I try and write things about Spring arriving
here, it snows… Also I can hardly keep up with all the things growing and I have WAY run out of space… So I am slightly overwhelmed here but trying to keep up… Pinky swear the next thing I post will be a garden update, even if it is just a quick one.)


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