March 16/2014 Garden Update

Since so much has been happening in my windowsill on the seed sowing front, I thought I should break up my updates. So today will just be flowers and herbs. You can read Yesterday’s Update Here.

Nothing too exciting, other than all the varieties I splurged on.

The Sage and Italian Parsley is a month old now. They were all potted up into 3″ peat pots on March 11. Now that they are starting to reestablish themselves in their new homes, they should take off anytime now.

In this photo: Sage, Italian Parsley, Lemon Balm, and Viola seedlings

The Spearmint finally sprouted on March 12. This is going to be slow, but I cant wait to smell the leaves!


I planted Oregano on March 9th… It started sprouting on the 14th!

Oregano sprouts dot the surface.
Can you see them?

The Lavender that I started on the 5th, has all sprouted and looks amazing. As soon as I see some true leaves, it will be potted up. I am amazed, because I have heard that germination is spotty and hard to achieve with Lavender sometimes, and I didn’t find that at all. In fact, I wasn’t expecting any sprouts until at least the 26th of March. Very excited about this one!

My Lavender is getting a little leggy

My Lemon Balm is amazing. I love it so much, I just might sow some more of it.

Yesterday I went a little seed crazy, and sowed: Basil (“Genovese”); Catnip; Garlic Chives (“Shiva”); Thyme and Summer Savory.

One thing I am really hoping to accomplish this year, is attracting more pollinators. So I am trying some more flowers…

The Violas I sowed back on February 28 have all sprouted. They are starting to think about their true leaves now. I have high hopes for these little blooms in my front yard where it gets a lot of afternoon shade.

I sowed some Bee Balm on March 12th. It should make its appearance around the end of the month.

Yesterday I sowed some Hollyhocks and Columbine. Fingers crossed on both of those. I haven’t grown either of them before, so it was worth a shot.

I also picked up some Nasturtium seeds, sweet peas, night scented stock, and some sunflowers but these will all be sown directly outside.

SOME of my flower seeds for this year

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