March 9/2014 Garden update

I am struggling with how I will update on the garden progress this year. Videos may be an option, once I get a new computer. I’m also considering updating in groups… all the peppers one day, all the tomatoes another day… But I’m not sure. Progress is so fast in some and so slow in others. I may just got back to doing “Follow Along Friday” until things go outside and it gets more complicated… For now I will just keep all my seed starting endeavors all grouped together, since that is all there is to talk about right now anyway.


As of today, here is what is going on in my windowsill:

On March 5th, I planted 6 pellets each of Asian Eggplant, Jalapenos, Rainbow blend of Brandywine Tomatoes, Lavender, Roma Tomatoes, and Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries. Not much to report other than a few seeds have already broken through and are on their way to sprouting.

Earlier, on February 28th, I started 4 pellets of each: Jalapenos, Cayenne, Spearmint, and the Rainbow blend of Brandywine Tomatoes… The Cayenne and Jalapenos are slow, but are starting to sprout finally; there is a little movement in the Spearmint; But all the tomatoes have sprouted! I also started 9 pellets of violas. I just love their delicate little flowers, so I can hardly wait for them to sprout and go out in the front yard!

Rainbow blend Brandywine Tomatoes

On February 15th, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and started planting… Sage, Flat-Leaf Parsley, Cayenne Peppers, Strawberries (should have been even earlier on these but I didn’t have the seeds yet), and Leeks.  The Sage and Parsley are almost ready to transplant. The parsley is working on its true leaves, and the sage is working on its second set of true leaves.

“Patio Temptation” Strawberries have all sprouted

The Strawberries have all sprouted… They are SOOOOOOO tiny. And all but 1 of the 6 four inch pots i planted the cayenne peppers into has sprouted. Can you tell I am really excited about trying my hand at growing Cayenne this year?  Last but not least, the Leeks. They are amazing. I will need to thin them soon, but I just want to enjoy their full green-grassy-ness a little longer.

The Leeks last Saturday (March 1)
The Leeks Today (March 9)
The Leeks Today (March 9)

And the Lemon Balm that I started back on New Years… is amazing. I pick leaves off the more vigorous plants whenever I get a chance. They just smell so incredible. I may start some more once I pot up the sage and parsley – I promised to give my mom some to help deter mosquitoes away from their deck.

Lemon Balm

To top off all the great sprouting news… We are in the midst of a Chinook again! It was + 11C yesterday, and that is the forecast again for today. Maybe I can get the boyfriend to build me some cold frames so I can move things outside a little sooner.


Varieties I mentioned in this post:

Eggplant – “Ping Tung Long”

Jalapeno Pepper – “Tam Jalapeno”

Roma Tomatoes: “Roma V.F.” (Heirloom)

Rainblow Blend Tomatoes: “varieties such as Black, Pink, Red and Yellow Brandywine” (Basically I wont know what kind until after it grows… but they are Heirloom seeds)

Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry “physalis pruinosa”

Cayenne “Long Red Slim” (Organic)

Spearmint (Heirloom); Lemon Balm (Heirloom); Lavender (Heirloom)

Strawberry “Patio Temptation”

Leeks “Monstrous Carentan”

4 thoughts on “March 9/2014 Garden update

  1. Love your update! What a great way to document everything! I just started my first round of seeds last night, so I’m currently stalking my seed starting flats for any signs of germination on a very regular basis 🙂

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