Sourdough – DAY 7 & 8


We are finally ready to start using the starter! See that liquid and those frothy bubbles on the surface (maybe?)… And that sour smell your yeast colony is emitting… That means we are ready.

Dump your starter into a bowl, and feed it… 1 cup flour, 1 cup warm water… Let it double in size. This is going to take anywhere from a couple hours to overnight. (I know, hold onto the edge of your seat, the excitement is too much). You’ll know its ready when it has doubled, and is really bubbly… It looks like a sponge… We call it the sponge… (same goes if you are using your starter from the fridge… stir it to combine all the things – dump half if you feel you need to, and then follow above)

I’m sorry this post took so long to finally make public… I still haven’t found a sourdough bread recipe to call my very own. Something simple that I love… So I still mostly use Chef Johns. And you can watch his videos and follow his recipe too, now that you have your very own starter. I will keep testing and come back to this when I find one I absolutely love. I had intended to test some different recipes all week, but this week kind of punched us in the face at work.

Here is Chef John’s Day 7 instructions

Here is Chef John’s Day 8 instructions.  You will need to knead this recipe A LOT! I made it once and it took 40 minutes before I could do a good window pane test… Which is why I am on the hunt for something slightly easier. But try the recipe, It is delicious and makes a great loaf of bread.

I really wanted to post this to say this: Don’t listen to chef john when he says that your sourdough probably wont turn out… because mine has worked EVERY TIME I have used this method. Its simple, not rocket science. So Try it. It is soooooooooooooooo worth it!

after kneading…
after rising..
after “punching” (and then slicing)
after baking

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