Sourdough – DAY 6 (and beyond)

Quick post… Ready?

My starter is ready to use! And I have actually started on the road to having a loaf of bread… BUT I wanted to put that all together in one post. So today we are talking long-term starter storage.

Now that we have a happy, productive yeast colony to call our own… We can slow down the feedings to once a week. Some people do every three days, some continue to leave it at room temperature and just keep doing what we were doing… I have a busy life, so I’m sticking to once a week… Unless I start to think my colony is becoming distressed, then I’ll change it up.
All you have to do is what we have been doing, except we will keep it in the fridge and slow everything down.
So from now on, my starter will live in the fridge and will be fed every Sunday.

Make sure you poke a hole in the lid of the container, since the colony produces some carbon dioxide… too much build up and your lid will explode off.

Here are the (unfortunately terrible) pictures:

see the liquid and the “froth” that means we are in business
mid-mixing photo to show the liquid better
Poke holes in the lid, label, and stick it in thefridge
Don’t forget to feed it

Tomorrow I should have the actual BREAD part up. Its a long road, but a delicious result!


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