Sourdough – DAY 2

Okay… This will be another quick post, because the process is really simple.

Here is what it looks like after sitting out for the last 24 hours:


Ok, so now whisk it all together again, then remove half of it. You could leave it if you really want, but you will just end up with too much starter. That is a lot of yeast “mouths” to feed… Removing half keeps everything at a more manageable level.

Once you have removed about half, add in 1/2 cup if warm water and 1/2 cup of the bread flour again. You are feeding your new yeast colony.


Whisk everything together like yesterday. Make sure there are no clumps or lumps left, and that it is a nice smooth mixture.


Cover with paper towel… The same as we did yesterday… And check back tomorrow for the update on my starter.


Just a heads up: The next few days will be almost the same as today. We are just building up our yeast colonies right now… Soon it will be less flour and water paste, and more sourdough like.


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