And “Sow” It Begins…


Excuse the bad pun, I couldn’t resist it.

I am working a few little projects on the blog, which is my excuse for the lack of posts lately. One thing I am thinking of doing this year is video updates on the gardens. It seems much easier to show and explain what is going on, rather than try to find the words to navigate you around my gardens. I love the idea, but I am not sure if I have the time to make the videos the way I want them to be… So we’ll see how it goes.

On February 15, I sowed Leeks, Strawberries and Cayenne Peppers…

LEEKS ‘Monstrous Carentan’


STRAWBERRIES ‘Patio Temptation’ (I’m a little late with sowing these- I should have had them in dirt in December or January… But better late than never)


CAYENNE PEPPERS ‘Long Slim Red’ ORGANIC (Inspired by Sweet Domesticity, I am going to attempt these this year. Hopefully I can make my own ground Cayenne Pepper in the fall)


And before I run away, Here is the Lemon Balm I started on January 1 – Just before I potted them up from the little peat pellet thing-a-ma-jigs. I grew this last year, and it seemed to help keep the mosquitoes away from our back door (compared to other years when they just traipse into the house like they own the place). Also it smells amazing. I didn’t get around to trying anything kitchen-wise with it, but the scent alone is why I am growing it again this year. (You can see them in their new pots in the first photo)



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