Three Farmers Camelina Oil

Let me start this by saying this is not a sponsored post. Just my own experience with a product I have wanted to try for a while now, and finally have.


I first heard about Three Farmers Camelina Oil from the Localize Project. After visiting their website, I knew I wanted to try this product. I like the idea of being able to trace where my oil came from. It was exciting to type in my code on the bottle and find out that “My” farmer was Colin. Here is where my oil came from (hopefully the link works). And I like that they are using sustainable farming practices.

A little information about Camelina Oil:

  • It is an ancient, non-GMO oil seed
  • It has been used as a culinary oil since the Bronze Age. It has fallen out of favor because it doesn’t want to be hydrogenated – making it undesirable for margarine use.
  • It is very high in Omega 3’s and Vitamin E
  • It has the most balanced ratio of Omega 3-6-9 and Saturated fat, than most (all?) cooking oils.

So far I have used this in 3 different recipes, substituting for Olive Oil… and from the final product, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I didn’t use Olive Oil. I have a few other recipes I want to try out, but they call for a larger amount of oil. I’m on the fence about trying them, since I paid about $10/250ml. I may just use this for smaller oil applications, due to the cost.

I am trying to introduce new things into our diet around here… More whole foods, and less crap. So I hope to use a wide range of oils instead of just one. This should lead to different sources of nutrition for us, as we attempt to limit the amount of crap we currently eat.  My Bottom Line on the Camalina Oil: I really like it, but it wont replace most oils in my kitchen, mostly due to the cost (and my limited income).



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