Random Post… (and the 100th post)

With it being so cold around here as of late (it was -37 C this morning), I am finding it hard to be motivated to write anything. I just want to plant things, and be outside without having 26 layers on. That being said, I feel bad about not posting, and I don’t want to slip into that habit again… Enter the random post…



I bought some seeds…



Parsnip seeds are not what I expected them to be… I was thinking they would be more like carrot seeds.



I’ve been working on my hexagon quilt… slowly… very slowly



Ekki has been super cute lately.



This is Matine… She thinks she has a hard life.



We have had some AMAZING sunrises lately.


But all my containers are still covered in snow (at least you can see these ones… others are completely buried, and only I know they are there)


On another random note… This is my 100th post!



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