One Pot Pasta


I had never heard of One Pot Pasta, until I saw it on my Pinterest feed a couple weeks ago.
Why have I not heard of something that will decrease the amount of dishes that pile up in my house? Why was this not a thing in my life until now? Geeeez maybe I need to crawl out from under my shelter rock just a little so I can learn about more one dish meals.

And why didn’t I think of this myself?


I think this will be much better in the summer, and with some planning. Basically I saw it on Pinterest,  thought about it the whole next day at work, and then came home and made it with things I had in my kitchen.

I didn’t follow any specific amounts. I dumped things in a pot and crossed my fingers that it would work. If you need amounts, check out this site, Martha Stewart, or just Google “one pot pasta” and you should find something just right.

I used a large can of diced tomatoes, half a block of frozen spinach, the rest of a bag of frozen peas, fresh garlic and some spaghetti, some spices, and enough water to seem right.


Then it cooks until the pasta is al dente

Then you are done. Seriously… Easy peasy… Just top with some cheese if you are so inclined, and enjoy.

While this canned/freezer vegetable version was delightful, I can hardly wait to try this again with fresh vegetables from my garden. I think that home-grown taste will MAKE this dish. Fresh tomatoes, some zucchini, spinach, kale, garlic, fresh herbs… DREAMING of summer.

This dish was perfect for a long and busy day at work. It literally took me 20 minutes (including cooking time). I intend to make this on a more regular rotation, because it is that good, and incredibly easy.



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