Coconut Butter

In English class in grade seven, we had to write an excessively long essay about something very simple. I have no memory of what I wrote about, but it probably had to do with horses… Because I am obsessive, and 98% of the thoughts that go through my head, can be linked to horses in some way or another. However, some kid in my class wrote nearly 10 pages, single spaced, on how to make toast. You would think it would be simple, just take the bread and put it into the toaster… but I believe he started the essay with growing the wheat to make the bread. Then moved onto the toaster components, and maybe even buying it from the store. If he really wanted bonus marks, he may have even added in something about the electricity to run the toaster…


I thought about doing something like that for this post. Taking something incredibly easy, and breaking it into individual parts. But I don’t think any of us have time for that. So I came up with this:

Have you had coconut butter?


You totally should. It is amazing.

And all you need to make it yourself is a bag of unsweetened coconut… And a food processor.

(I used my mom and dad’s while I was home for Christmas)


How To Make Coconut Butter:

Step one – Put coconut into food processor and put on the lid. (I should add in here, that Coconut is the only thing you need here… NOTHING else!)


Step two – Turn on

Step three – scrape down sides every few minutes.

Step four – once the coconut is a nice smooth consistency – pour into jars. (I used the small plastic freezer jam jars)

Step five – ENJOY

Step six – Stay tuned, because I’m going to make something with this coconut butter!

on cookie – warmed up and smooth
next to cookie – chipped straight out of the fridge.
delicious both ways!

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