The Sunshine Award

I was very lucky to receive the Sunshine Award from Katie (and her owner) from A New Path.  Thank you so much!!


I am supposed to list 10 facts about myself:

1) My favourite colour is Blue

2) I like to make dishes that take a long time. My boyfriend complains about this… He wishes I would make more things that we could have right away.

3) I cannot wait to plan my garden…

4) I REALLY want to grow Pink Fir Apples… It has almost become an obsession… but I finally found some seed potatoes here!

5) I love history… Mostly domestic history…. Like how everyday people lived in everyday life

6) My love of history comes from my Dad… He has a bookcase full of history from all over the world. Greece, Roman, Europe, The history of Alberta, Pre-history… These books were always a million times more interesting to me than the tiny history sections in my Social Studies text books. I remember stories about the Lombards, more than ANYTHING I was ever taught in school

7) Most of the time I wish I could live in the forest and basically be a hermit…

8) I would miss running water, indoor plumbing, and the internet the most.

9) I want to learn Nalbinding

10) I want to grow Brussels Sprouts in the next year or two


Bloggers to Inspire me/Receive this award if they choose:

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