Candy Cane Vodka

There are 10 days until Christmas…


I probably have at least double that many projects to finish as Christmas gifts.

Am I panicking yet? Yes… Most definitely. Because I have to have almost all of these projects WRAPPED UP (literally!) by next Friday… So Really… I have 6 days. <Insert panic scream here>  I also have to work 4 of those 6 days. That is where this recipe comes in… So that I can make it through the next week of madness.


I also would love to write many many posts about all of the things I am making, but since this is a slightly public area, and these are supposed to be surprises… I can’t tell you about them until later. But I can tell you all about this Candy Cane Vodka I made.

It is super easy… and you only need 2 ingredients: (which may or may not be staples in your house at this time of year… or is that just me?)

-Candy Canes (10 of them… full size… red… peppermint flavour)



The steps involved are simple:

-Break Candy Canes… mash (with food processor/coffee grinder/magic bullet/whatever) into a fine powder… The finer your powder, the less straining later.

-Put smashed candy cane powder into a jar (I used a 500mL)

-Pour Vodka over your candy cane dust, and put lid on

-Shake until well mixed

-Let sit, shaking periodically, for about 45 minutes

-Strain through a fine mesh strainer/a coffee filter/jelly bag/cheese cloth

-Pour into it’s final resting place/jar/hot chocolate/coffee/your mouth.

(Minimally adapted from Shutterbean)


I thought I bought red Candy Canes, but they were primarily pink. My Vodka is a lovely shade of bubble gum pink, but I don’t care! It tastes fantastic!

Enjoy!  (responsibly)

(And for a whole new level of Hot Chocolate, try it with some of this splashed in it, and top it off with a Gingerbread Marshmallow)


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