Things to do during a Blizzard

(messy) Front door, less than an hour after shovelling out.

We have been a teeny tiny bit snowed in here. Its not really the amount of snow we received, just where it accumulated thanks to the massive 70km/h wind gusts from the North. I couldn’t make it to work on Monday, but that wasn’t because I didn’t try. My little car made it most of the way through the first drift, but not all the way. Luckily, my neighbour was out with his snowblower, and cleared a path for me to go forward. I made it through the next few drifts with enough speed, and then got stuck trying to turn uphill. A handful of lovely people stopped to help push me out and get going again, but it took about half an hour before I made it anywhere worth talking about. At this point, I was only about half a block from home… but there was no way I could make it back the way I came. Then I got stuck in another drift, and more people pushed me out. At this point, I decided that there was no way I was going to go any farther… And in hindsight, I never should have tried at all. My boyfriend came and picked me up from the parking lot where I could safely park my car, and we made it back home… after helping more unfortunate people stuck in the snow. This got me thinking though: What can you do during a blizzard? So here is my list of all the things I managed to do during the last 2 days of the Blizzard:

1.Thank your lucky stars that there are nice people willing to help out a complete stranger in -35 wind chills.

2. Go to Tim Hortons and get a Double Double since you are out anyway.

3.Help push and shovel out other people after you get back home.

4.Shovel a path to the house

5.Warm up so you can feel your fingers, toes and nose again.

6. Try to let the dogs out into the yard, but since you cant get the door open from all the drifted snow blocking it, move onto the next item…

7. Put all winter layers back on…

8. Shovel your way to the garage

9. Shovel your way out of the garage, and to the back door

10. Pick away at the 4 foot drift against your back door until the door is able to open

11. Realize that the door handle is frozen and make your way back to the front door

12. You will probably have to shovel your way back to the front door by now

13. Walk through the house carefully trying to not let any snow fall off of you.

14. Get dogs to go outside

15. Shovel a path so they can actually get off the step

That snowbank on the right comes up to my chin

16. This could take some time.

17. Go back inside and warm up

18. Don’t look outside for at least an hour

19. After you open the door wondering if the storm has calmed down, realize you need to shovel again, since the drift is almost to the door knob.

20. Just repeat steps 4-17, periodically adding in a #3 to the poor people stuck in the drifts outside your house.

21. Become reacquainted with your hatred of the prairies.

22. Be glad that somewhere in that mess you remembered to put some chicken soup in the crock pot/

23. Feel guilty for not doing anything around the house

24. Muscle fatigue from all the shovelling will take care of the guilt. Have a nap instead

25. It has been a few hours by now, so you should probably go shovel some more.

26. Collapse into bed

27. Make sure you set your alarm for 11 to make sure the truck is plugged in, and one last shovel to clear the door again

28. Get up at 5 to start shovelling the hard packed drifts and end up helping neighbour push his truck through the drift.

29. Shove coffee in face, get boyfriend with 4×4 to drive you to work, because even though it is a blizzard, the horses still need to bee fed.

30. Walk to the barn from the road, for fear of getting boyfriend’s giant truck stuck in even more giant snow drifts

31. Fall on face from ice under all the snow at least 4 times

32. Re-evaluate your life choices

33. Hug a pony and make it better

34. Work all day in crappy conditions (repeat #33 as needed throughout day)

35. Get boyfriend to pick you up.

36. Help shovel out more people… and then your truck

37. Make it home 2 hours later than you intended

38. Shovel out yard so dogs can go outside again

39. Re-evaluate your life choices again (but be glad for buying ski goggles even though you don’t ski)

40. Have a cuddle/nap with your cats and dog and make it all better

41. shovel out the front and back again

42. Make an annoyingly long list about it and post it on your blog.

Not cold, but windy… Have I mentioned I hate the wind?

In all serious-ness though… I am very glad that so many random people helped shovel/push/pull me out of the snow, that my boss and co-workers were understanding in my inability to make it to work; and that my boyfriend got his new truck before all of this happened. My car is still parked at the grocery store, and I don’t know when I will be able to get it back to our house. The drifts are still piling up here – In the back yard, we could have just tunnelled through the snow to the garage instead of shovelling it all out (not that it would be structurally sound, but that gives you an idea how much snow is back there). Also, this Arctic air is apparently sticking around for a while. I wish I could hold up in my house until another Chinook comes around.

Saw this while I was Christmas shopping and it made me laugh.

7 thoughts on “Things to do during a Blizzard

  1. How about agree to take care of friends dog while she is stranded in calgary. Then agree to watch another friends kid cause daycare was closed. Then listen to dogs and kids scream and bark all day. Then wonder how people with more than one kid do it.

  2. Oh my gosh, number 32 is hilarious!! Easy for me to laugh. I live in the desert. You wouldn’t believe me if I said I actually miss the snow. Maybe not the kind of snow you get in Alberta, but reasonable amounts of snow. 🙂

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