Cooking up a storm during a Snowfall

We are in the midst of our second snow storm this season so far. Luckily I am not working, so I am hunkered down in my kitchen, cooking up a storm. I may have gotten in over my head though.


I am making chicken stock for some chicken soup later. If you have never made your own stock, you should! It tastes amazing, you can tweek the flavours to what you want, and you can feel good about using things that otherwise would have gone to waste.
I will put up a recipe for it soon.


I am also making lasagnas. Mostly for the freezer. Because after working 10 hours outside all day neither I, or my boyfriend feel much like cooking. I love having a stash of hearty homemade meals that we can throw into the oven when those days happen.
Occasionally we end up with store bought frozen lasagnas, but they mostly serve to inspire me to make my own when I get a chance. Homemade is just so much better. And you know what is in it, and (ideally) where the ingredients came from.


With the finished chicken stock, I pre-assembled chicken soup ingredients into the crock pot for early in the week when we are both tired and cold from working outside in this.


Also on the agenda for later tonight and tomorrow: roasted butternut squash and homemade pasta (and ultimately homemade ravioli filled with roasted butternut squash). I also have a large surplus of apples that I may make a pie or apple crisp with. I haven’t decided just yet.


Stay warm out there friends. I hope to get all my almost-ready posts up very soon!



3 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm during a Snowfall

  1. I just love staying inside and cooking during a snowstorm. Especially when I already have a houseful of food! It sucks when there’s a snowstorm and you have NO food because you didn’t go to the store before you got snowed in.

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