Looking towards next year…


Fall is the time to evaluate how the growing year went. The successes, the failures, and the inevitable weather challenges you may or may not have conquered. You add these all up and then plan for next year. Here are some of my plans…

My backyard garden will probably be more geared towards flowers and low-key plants. And a few more containers of potatoes, and other container type attempts at other veggies. I find that after a long day at work, I don’t want to spend tons of time weeding and tending to vegetables at home. I mostly want to hang out with my boyfriend and dogs and cats and just chill. I was more productive when my vegetables were growing on other ground… sort of like an Allotment garden in England… because the time you are there is the time you have to work, not get lost in thought and plans, or distracted by playing with your dogs.

So next year, we have a new  SWEET setup! It is going to take a lot of work to get it ready this Fall… pretty much until there is too much snow to stop us, or the ground freezes too hard… And I will try to keep you updated on the progress here. But before I get too far ahead of myself, Let me tell you a little bit about the new gardening digs!


There is a large greenhouse. It has fallen into disarray a little, but we (Cal, myself and the owners of the place) are all determined to give it some love and get it back to it’s former glory. The broken windows will be replaced, we are going to work on the soil conditions, and combat the thistles that have made their way in. It is exciting to have this much (amazing) growing space. I can hardly contain my excitement about this project! (Also side note, my auto correct wanted me to change “excitement” to “excrement”… that would be a completely different post if that is what I was writing about!)

needs some love, but the bones are good

Outside the greenhouse is a large area of grass that is being reclaimed to the garden that it probably once was… It will take a lot of work, but we should be able to win the war with very diligent weeding. This area will be largely dedicated to potatoes next year. I may try and sneak in a few other things also. Some beans or peas may be a good option since they will help put some nitrogen back into the soil.

The other part of our plan, is to start a compost pile. In the horse’s field, there is already one started… Or at least someone piled up a bunch of manure and old hay and straw and it has been decomposing for who knows how long… Amazing growing material is just sitting out there, and it will probably be helping our vegetables grow next year.

I will update on this new adventure soon! I am excited about it, and hopefully, I can nail down some more final plans during the long cold winter inside!


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