It’s almost harvest time for the Barn garden! (Follow along Friday)


Just wanted to pop by my severely neglected blog, and give everyone a quick update on all the growing things.

Goliath the giant rouge turnip, is MASSIVE. For that matter, most the turnips are getting to be quite substantial. Today, we pulled all the ones that are impeding the growth of others. We may pull them all tomorrow, or hold off for a bit.

Our carrots are all beautiful. I would like to give them longer to grow, but something has been helping themselves to the carrot patch, so we may pull them all tomorrow as well… Then at least WE get the carrots and not gophers or whatever has been chowing down on them.

The potatoes… We’ll see about them, but they are all getting pulled tomorrow in an ideal situation. They are looking a little worse for wear at this point.

And the onions- they didn’t bulb up as much as hoped, but they still bulked. Something is also helping themselves to these, so we will be pullin them all tomorrow too… We just ran out of hands to carry them all today.


And the surprise survivor beets… I cannot wait to taste them! I’ll be more descriptive about the whole situation later…
Goliath the turnip may get his very own post and autobiography. Stay tuned.

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