Hexagon quilt (update #1)


I have always wanted to make a quilt by hand- the same way my great grandmothers probably would have done. Something that can stay in my family long after I am gone.

After much pinteresting, I decided on a hexagon quilt. There were enough tutorials online to help me along if I needed it, and it is small and portable and easy to put away if I need a break.

I also wanted to make every hexagon flower different. And at this point, I have 35 different fabrics. About half of which are from old clothing. Some are from fat quarters. Others are from fabric scraps I bought for super-super-cheap at value village. One is even from an old pillowcase that was ripped by my dogs.
I am trying to keep all the fabrics patterned. The only solid I am using is the white between the flowers.

I’ll update here on the progress whenever I feel like I have made progress worth sharing.



4 thoughts on “Hexagon quilt (update #1)

  1. You ve inspired me. But im going to try a log cabin style I think. Ive got this idea for a white quilt with embroidered birds on it done in jewel tones. I have 4 weeks left until the baby arrives… perhaps enough time to get one square figured out? Haha. My only issue is I dont have a sewing machine. And I dont know how to sew. And I think that unless I have a good start on it, id better not show troy as I am forbidden from starting anymore projects cause I never finish them.

    1. Do you have a girl cave? Cuz that is where I stash all my unfinished projects. I have a bunch of rugs started that I really really need to finish that are hiding out in my closet.
      Love the quilt idea! I am thinking of trying to embroider somethings into this one… after I get it all sewn together
      Also… sewing machines are cheap… and there are lots of tutorials on pintrest … you could teach yourself. Just distract Troy with something else 😉

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