Beer Butt Chicken

Beer butt chicken (or beer can chicken if you prefer) is a family favourite. You will probably want to find a larger sized chicken for this… The smaller ones make it difficult to errrr… Defile? That probably isn’t the best term to use though is it?

This time around, we are using a store-bought rub mix that my mom found at my favourite redneck store, but you can rub or marinate the chicken with whatever you chose.


Pro-tip: remember to punch a few more holes into the top of the half emptybeer can.

Once your chicken is all prepared (with whatever run/marinate you chose). And your beer can has been stabbed a few more times on the top of it… Place chicken onto the beer can.

Preheat your BBQ, and try to cook the chicken with indirect heat. This means it is going to take a while. We turned both end burners on low and put the chicken in the middle of the grill.


You’ll know it is done when a meat thermometer stabbed into the chicken thigh reads at least 185 F. Remove from the grill and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.


Now just remove the chicken from the beer can and enjoy!
Tonight we are having this with fresh corn on the cob and potatoes/carrots/onion fresh from my garden.


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