Farmer’s Market Haul

Another quick post until I finally get my ass in gear and post the longer posts that I seem to have been working on forever now…. (Holy run-on sentence)


Today, after work, my good friend Cal and I went to check in on our garden at the barn and dig some potatoes. Well, a few potatoes turned into thinning out some turnips again (they deserve their very own post- they have been Incredible!), and the carrots… We both left our garden with a bag full of freshly grown by us veggies!

But my haul from our garden inspired me to stop at the local farmers market on my way home. Looking at the few surviving beet plants really made me wish I had some beets to eat… And some zucchini not from a grocery store, and on and on and on…

And I totally scored! I got a bunch of beets with their greens, a pound of mushrooms, and fresh (huge!) garlic! For $10… With some greens beans thrown in by the farmer because she only had a few left and didn’t want to drag then back home.


At another ‘booth’ I scored a couple zucchini, 5 (maybe more?) pounds of pickling cucumbers and fresh dill… For $15… And this place threw in a bunch of peas. Unfortunately sweet sugar snap peas (or whatever kind they were) are pretty much my crack and they never made it home- I ate them all in the 3 minute drive from the market to my house.

The only disappointment was that I got there too late and missed out on Taber corn… Luckily the guy’s regular daily stop Is pretty much across from my house- so I will stop in later this week and hope they aren’t sold out by the time I get there.

I will get a pic of the whole haul and add it in here… Unless I forget… Then pester me and I will likely remember then.

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