Quick update on the garden at the barn- July 27/2013

Today, on my lunch break at work, I took the opportunity to get a little more weeding done in the garden out there. (Note to myself and Cal, next year, we need to stay on top of the weeds!) But I thought I would give a quick update on the progress out there.

Potatoes– the row we have weeded is doing pretty good. The purple potatoes are now flowering. The gophers dug a new tunnel under one plant, and the potatoes growing there were turning green. I dug this one up and tonight we will be having the potatoes for dinner (Minus the ones that were green from sun exposure)

Turnips– I got the whole row weeded and thinned out! Finally! It seems to have been an epic struggle to get all the wedding done on this row. There are going to be some big turnips! Tonight, with the new potatoes, we will be eating baby turnips (thinnings from the row) and possibly some sautéed turnip greens.

Carrots– growing amazing since we weeded a few weeks ago. Funny how it works like that. There is one section that isn’t doing as good, and I’m curious what type of carrots I planted there. I don’t remember what order in the row all the different varieties went.

Onions– have recovered very well after their hail beating at the beginning of July. They have very prolific greens, and just need to start bulbing up. I am very happy that I have finally been able to grow onions successfully!

Beets– the few survivors are looking healthy. But small. My beets in the container at home are also still small, so maybe they are slow, or maybe it’s just not a great year for beets.

All in all, I think that everything is doing great in this garden! I can’t wait for dinner tonight to try some potatoes and baby turnips.


I will update again with more pictures soon… It is just hard to update with multiple pictures from my phone.

NOTE: The roasted fresh potatoes and baby turnips were delicious. I added in some carrots, some of the turnip greens, fresh chives from my herb garden, and some fresh Kale from my back yard. We can`t wait until the day when I can grow all our fresh food, without having to buy in any vegetables.


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