2013 Container Potatoes

IMG_5024  Remember the hail storm that decimated my potatoes last week? (I posted about it before the storm was even done here: Heartbreaking Hail) (Side note: Thank you everyone for your comments on that post! It cheered me up every time my phone gave me a notification- So Thanks!)

I had no idea what I was going to do until this afternoon. I waffled between waiting and hoping they would come back, or digging them up to prevent the plants from sucking the energy needed to create new foliage, from my crop of potatoes. After I got home from work this evening, I made my mind up to dig them all up. It would have been nice to let them stay in the ground and grow longer, but at the very least I did get a decent crop. Not amazing, but decent.

Let’s get started with the story of the potatoes this year:


I planted them on May 1st. I probably stared at the dirt they were in everyday until they popped up out of the ground sometime around the 9th. By May 16th, They were looking like real plants, and on the 20th, I started adding more soil into the containers.


By June 10th, They were exploding out of the containers.

By the 26th of June, they were about 4 feet tall, and dwarfing the plant markers, and the fence behind them for that matter.

I was over joyed and excessively proud of them. I made excuses to talk about my potatoes to whoever would listen to me.

On Canada Day (July 1st), the blue/purple potatoes spoiled me with beautiful flowers. So I knew that a harvest was on the horizon, and I could hardly wait.

On July 5th, I couldn’t resist any longer, and dug down in a corner of the containers, and pulled out one of each colour. They tasted amazing, and you can read the quick post I wrote about it here.

The very next day, my dreams of a huge potato harvest were crushed, and you can read about that here.


I made my decision to pull them today, and now I have a bucket full of potatoes to cook and admire in all of their home-grown glory.


For some more potato photos, check out my photostream at flickr. Incase this link doesn’t work, and you know how flickr works better than I do (which is Very VERY likely) my username is thecraftycultivator over there too.


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