Jean Quilt

I had a friend point out to me the other day, that I haven’t posted very many “crafty” things. Which is fair, because I haven’t. So I thought I would share a quick update on the non progress of my jean quilt:


Bottom line on this quilt is that I haven’t worked on it at all since there was snow on the ground.

But maybe I will make some more progress before snow flies again… Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Jean Quilt

  1. Not to be an annoying groupie type person who comments on all your stuff, but… how bit is it so far? Are you hand stitching or using a machine?

    1. the teeny tiny blocks in the middle- I hand stitched all of them, but the larger ones, I used the sewing machine. Right now, It is roughly Twin-bed size. I might just leave it that size, but I do have enough squares cut to make it Queen sized. Not sure If I will make it that large or not yet.
      Also-your not a groupie… it just makes me want to write more, so comment away! 😉

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