Back… Sort of

imageI am dreadfully sorry about the lack of posts as of late. It is much more difficult than I ever imagined to do the amount of gardening that I wanted to do with only one shoulder. And while working full time at a physically demanding job. So everything has been scaled back… Some things are also now drowning a little after all the rain here. My drainage in my containers could not keep up with the rain. You may have read about all the flooding all over Alberta- we were lucky and really the only problems were in my containers.

I will be making much more of an effort to keep up with this Blog- my shoulder will have to deal.


3 thoughts on “Back… Sort of

    1. I was helping start a friend’s horse, and he started bucking violently… I landed on my feet, but couldn’t move my arm after… I have half of a torn rotator cuff, and there are only a few fibres of my Superspinatus muscle left now… The most frustrating part is that I didn’t fall on it… It happened in the air! Thanks for asking! I have a specialist appointment at the end of July for it

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