Follow Along Friday (May 10, 2013)

April was a rough month, But I’m back… and there is a lot to share.

Apple Seedling:


Obviously this isn’t growing as fast as when I first put it into dirt, So I will only be updating on the apple progress about once a month. But it is still inspiring to me, especially when I look back at the seeds in paper towel stage.

Sweet Potatoes:

Orange Sweet Potato progress
(I have taken some slips off already)
The Oriental S.P taking over my window

These things are taking over my windowsill growing area! I need to find a way to get them outside. However, it is still too cold at night. I put one outside a couple days ago just to test it out… And it has died. Not really sure how I am going to solve this dilemma, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve.


blue potato before being covered with dirt
blue potato starting to poke through
the red potatoes are starting to poke through too

I planted the blue and red seed potatoes in containers in my yard on April 29.  They have started to poke through the dirt already. So exciting! All the other seed potatoes will be planted outside in the garden at the barn once it gets a little warmer out.

On April 30, I also planted some Swiss Chard, Carrots and a few onion sets. They are all starting to pop up now! Same with my Delphiniums, Lupin and my lilies. I am still waiting to see if my Clematis survived… If it is still alive, then this is the first time I have been able to over-winter one! Fingers crossed.

Carrot Seedling
Onions growing up
Chives – waiting for a spring clean-up

I’ll add in some more next week- Yesterday I planted some spinach, lettuce, Kale and beets.

IMG_4349  IMG_4368

I also splurged on some Gladiolus (if $1.50 is a splurge). My grandma recommended I start them on a Pie plate – so I did. They are already sprouting. The roots grew -straight up- and lifted the bulbs up. It was weird. Is that normal?

More updates next week! Including all the seedlings I started in jiffy pellets. I am in the middle of sorting through them all. It doesn’t look like my spearmint survived, but everything else seems to be doing fantastic.

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