Garden Markers


I was going to call this post “Ways to Distract yourself from the horrible amount of fresh snow outside even though it is the middle of April and it was nicer outside in February!” But it seems like that would be a     little word excessive.

Maybe? Just a bit?

There is a lot of snow out there… and have a mentioned it is the middle of April???

Doesn’t mother nature know that I have things to plant? Preferably outside?

To help my brain cope, I made some garden markers.

When I was last at home, visiting my parents, I dragged my mom outside to help me collect some willow branches. Not that I couldn’t find some willow around here… or some twigs from my yard… BUT the willow from back home has been growing straight without anything in its way, so it is nice and straight.

So Basically, To do this craft, You will need:

  • Sticks
  • a sharp knife (be safe)
  • a marker, or paint,

Take your sticks, cut to whatever length you desire. The ones I am demonstrating with are about 8 inches long.


On one end of the stick, sharpen to a short point. Like you would if you were sharpening a pencil with a knife. This will help the stick go into the ground a little easier than if it was just a blunt end.


On the other end, pick a side and with the knife, whittle so you get a flat area on which to write/paint the name of your plant. Please be careful and slice away from yourself.


Once the area is the size you want, then stop. For my herb markers, I flattened the opposite side too, so I could specify a variety if needed (like with my flat leaf and curly leaf parsley)


Write or paint the name of the plant on the stick, and let it dry. I will be sealing these with some kind of outdoor clear varnish as soon as I get around to picking some up from the store… But with this weather, I don’t think I have to hurry.

I can’t wait to see these amongst all the green in the summer!

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